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Quality wood floor brands

Wooden floorings are very popular for the familiar look they give to the interiors. Let's take a look at the main brands that furnish houses with the best parquets.

20 September 2017 844 0

Fiemme 3000 is a company that produces healthy and ecological flooring. Ever since its establishment in the 1990s, the company has continued to invest in innovation and environment-friendly parquets, becoming renown all over the world. The superb techniques put into the process of cutting woods, processing and manufacturing it embody the company’s attitude towards life, ecology, customer’s health and environmental protection. 


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Over the years, Ali Parquets has always proven itself to be willing to innovate, by adding new product s in their collections to stay up to date with trends. Ali Parquets launched a new line of wood floors, with both cnatural and colored looks, in order to meet the preferences of any type of customer. The name of the line is 4seasons, presenting multiple choices of colors representing the four seasons of the year: natural wood, coffee brown, tawny and milky white. 


Thanks to advanced technology, this company can provide both traditional small-sized wood floor blocks and customized size products. Ali Parquets can produce tailor made flooring for any customers’ requirements. You can be sure to find the color tint that will meet your needs best, and to be provided with a high qiality wood flooring by a professional team of experts.


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HARO is one of the world's top flooring brands, founded by the Hamberger family enterprise in 1866. After 5 generations and nearly 150 years, the company evolved into a worldwide-known brand that gained the trust of the markets. It is the world’s largest professional production base for parquet, with an excellent technical equipment to produce high quality floorings. 95% of the logs utilized for production are from a local renewable forest. 


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