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Decorating your home with transparencies

Is it possible to make translucent and transparent objects the focus of a home decor? If you choose brands that creates unique designs with a strong personality, it will be a piece a cake, and a very tasty one.

05 October 2017 115 0

Transparent decor objects can make a room look brighter and livelier, especially when light shines through them. Installing translucent lamp or chandelier is a wonderful idea to make your interiors shine like they never did before. A modern and simple shape might be the best solution, for it will match any style of home decor, in case you want to change your furniture. You can choose a fully see-through effect with the natural clearness of the crystal, or add a touch of color to the room by selecting a different shade for the light design.  You will see your interiors transform in front of your eyes.


Rotaliana is an Italian brand specialized in lighting design that will have just the right style for your transparent lamps. This company produces modern good looking lights of any kind: chandeliers, table and suspension lightings, wall appliques and many others. Simplicity and minimalism meet a cutting-edge design style in Rotaliana pieces. The high quality standards of this company made it successful throughout the years, making hundreds of customers satisfied.


Find out more about Rotaliana here.

Lights are not the only transparent detail that can make your home decor special. Crystal glass, in fact, can be shaped into many different items and be transformed in astonishing pieces of furniture. Your interiors will immediately gain a luxurious look with elegant crystal coffee tables, charming plant vases and graceful dining boards.


Italian design tradition is the one that can provide with the finest pieces of furniture, with an unmistakable classy style. Reflex is a company that has been manufacturing crystal glass furniture for over twenty years. Innovation and research are key points for Reflex: this brand was the very first to use Murano glass as a solid base for tables. The pioneer spirit is also evident looking at the bold designs of products by Reflex: sinuous lines leads the tall vases, twisted legs hold up the beautiful coffee tables.  Many international figures of the design and architectural field worked to create the astonishing Reflex pieces, including Pininfarina, Maurice Barilone, Marco Piva and Sacha Lakic. Those contributors made the style of this brand internationally appreciated and highly renown. 


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