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Fearless luxury with Versace

Regal design, golden details, incredible materials: discover true luxury with Versace Home.

05 October 2017 2002 0

Versace Home is the furniture collection of the famous couture clothing house based in Milan, the Italian capital city of design and fashion. Founded in 1992, about a decade after Gianni Versace started his stylist career, Versace Home always stood out for the astonishing beauty of its design and the truly luxurious style of its style.


Versace Home produces interior design pieces of all kinds, furnishing every room of the house with the same regal elegance. Your living room will transform into a royal palace hall with the golden sofas and armchairs by Versace Home, confidently showing the luxurious beauty of the materials and the sophisticated design of the details.


The charming bedroom furniture by Versace Home will literally leave you speechless. The headboards, carved in the finest woods, are designed to make your bed truly unforgettable, and accompany you in your resting hours with high-class elegance.


Bathroom decorations by Versace Home stay loyal to the gold color, signature of the design house both for clothing and for furniture. Classic style mirrors and gracefully decorated boards go together with antique looking bathtubs to hold you in a luxurious embrace.


Versace Home doesn’t live any room of the house unfurnished. The brand designed kitchen furniture and supplies that match in style and class the other decor pieces. The beautiful serving plates, dishes, glasses, platters and coffee cups by Versace Home are adorned with decoration typical of southern Italy, combining the deep shades of the wild nature of those regions with the voluptuous gold color.


Versace Home is the perfect brand for those who want to embrace luxury in all of its splendor and magnificence. The exclusive furniture and home accessories by this renown Italian brand will make your interiors sophisticated and prestigious. Luxury is truly shameless with Versace.


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