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Two brands to fall in love with Danish design

Two brands to fall in love with Danish design

Northern European brand are becoming more popular every year. Once confined in the sidelines of the furniture market, designers from those countries are now succeeding in spreading their tradition all over the world.

Norr11 is one of the most innovative furniture companies in Demark. Aiming to stay true to the Scandinavian traditions, the brand created a home decoration line with a strong northern personality. Norr11 will furnish your house with the colors of the frozen fields, the grey rocks, the wood forests. You will regain a true contact with nature, by surrounding yourself with raw looking wooden desks, dark stone and metal tables, unique chairs and asymmetric objects.


Raw materials are respected and kept natural, the design style is kept simple and harmonious. Minimalism is the signature of Scandinavian furniture in general, and Norr11 takes it to a personal level, creating objects with a distinct elegance. Furniture by Norr11 transmits a sense of serenity, easing the stress accumulated during the day, making your home an oasis of calmness and relax.


Find out more about Norr11 here.

Denmark is illuminated by a different light, that gives a spectacular effect in those cold environments, creating magical shades. The region where the lights of Denmark get more astonishing is the northern part, where the Lene Bjerre furniture company was born. Based in the middle of wild and naturalistic surroundings, this brand always aimed to transfer the magic light of northern Denmark and the beauty of nature into furniture design.


Lene Bjerre believes that home décor must reflect people’s values and personalities, in order to create for each person the most comfortable environment to live in, to be happy ad create memories. To make that happen, Lene Bjerre maintains high quality standards, and aims to make their designs appealing, graceful and functional. Soft pastel color velvet covers elegant sofas and ottomans, light wooden chairs furnish kitchen with pragmatism and style, modern counters decorate the interiors with a contemporary style.


Take a look at more design by Lene Bjerre here.

Danish design will meet the needs of every modern house, encountering the tastes of those who favor style combined with functionality. Nature will enter your home décor with grace and harmony, making you fall in love with northern Europe green lifestyle and minimalist tastes.


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