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Technology and style for bathroom water faucets

Technology and style for bathroom water faucets

Nowadays washbasin faucet designs are developing innovative ways to save energy, reduce water consume, without compromising the elegance of the style. Here we selected the major brands in the field, who will provide you with modern looking and performing products.

Today more than ever it is important to conduct a green lifestyle, to be careful about how much water we consume in our homes, to monitor how much electricity we use. Installing the right faucet in your bathroom can save you money and help the environment. But don’t worry: water-saving faucets can be glamorous and luxurious just as the other ones.


Grohe is the most renown producer of bathroom fittings in Europe. This company was founded in Germany in 1936 and established a high quality company that grew stronger and bigger every year. Grohe’s values have been for decades ecology, fine materials and luxury design. The brand won in the last decades more than 240 awards for their faucet models: designs by Grohe aim to reach the perfect harmony between form and function, with a touch of luxury.


Find out more about Grohe faucets here.

Hansgrohe Group shares value and quality with the Grohe brand, but is a company based in Italy, born in 1901. Basically this company was around just when bathrooms were becoming popular inside people’s home. Hansgrohe Group provides innovation and sophisticated design, to make your bathroom environment-friendly, luxurious and classy.


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Experience and high professionalism are the features that make faucets by Zazzeri so special. Since the late Twenties, this company has been one of the major in Italy, influencing tendencies and setting new trends. Combining tradition and innovation, Zazzeri collaborated with many international names of the design community. Water faucet by Zazzeri have a contemporary design, that will make your bathroom decoration classy and ecological.


heck out more products by Zazzeri here.

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