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Three ideas to furnish your home with wall decorations

Furniture is not the only factor in an interior design: adorning your house walls can make your home décor original and unique. Here we give you three ideas to make every room special and different.

09 October 2017 265 0

Wallpaper is making a great comeback in contemporary interior décor. Far from still being the old-fashioned wall decoration that you could see in dated rooms, this decoration item renewed itself finding its way back to the walls of beautiful rooms. New materials have been developed, to make the installation easier and to guarantee that the product will last in time. Stainless and anti-mold papers meet appealing designs and bold colors in the rebirth of wallpaper.


The new trend decoration is to put a very eccentric wallpaper on one wall only, leaving the rest of the room painted with plane tints. This way, the wallpaper will act as a huge artwork, a beautiful permanent painting, a unique item of decoration. Now Edizioni is the Italian company that brings the innovative spirit of the European capital of design and fashion, Milan, into wallpapers. Wallpaper by Now Edizioni is ideal for those who will want to use this adornment as a true art form, choosing the exclusive design and the bold colors of these products.


Find out more about Now Edizioni here.

Wooden panels are another home decoration item that is finding its way into contemporary décor trends. Though less noisy than an eccentric wallpaper, a wooden panel can certainly give personality to a room, adding a warm and familiar atmosphere. 


Wood panels can completely change the look a room: they can make it look rustic, with a country-chic appearance, they can add a Nordic touch to the home décor, they give a serene and minimalist look. Oneskin is a Portuguese brand who produces wooden panels that are perfect background to a more eccentric furniture, or that can match the mood of a minimal and simple home décor. 


Take a look at more wooden panels by Oneskin here.

You don’t necessarily need to cover your walls with different material to make your rooms decoration special: paint can be unique and surprising too. It is possible to create a wide range of effects on your walls, both smooth and decorative. Your walls can look antique and luxurious when dressed with an Italian style stucco, it can become futuristic with a metalized appearance, it can shine with a bright glazed paint, or become rustic with an earth-like style.


Nowadays wall paints are also guaranteed to last long and to be high resistant to water, stains and mold. The Spanish company Osaka is specialized in decorative paintings since 1984, providing you with a high quality product and an impeccable service, advising you on the colors and style that can match your needs and tastes best.


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