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Gold and yellow for a joyous home décor

For next fall, all homes will be conquered by gold and yellow decorations and accessories. Those festive and jolly colors will bring joy and style to your interiors.

09 October 2017 280 0

Wall clocks are a key point when it comes to home décor. They can be a playful item, if you choose eccentric designs that can make your interiors lively and cheerful. Progetti is an Italian design brand that creates unconventional clocks with unique shapes. Let your imagination have no boundaries and have fun with bright yellow clocks that resemble an electric guitar, a helicopter or a honeycomb.


Imagine a tiny golden house hanging on your house wall: the cuckoo clock by Progetti will give a precious touch to your interiors decorations. The linear yet eccentric shape of the clock will elegantly click on your walls, making your home décor one of a kind.


Find out more about Progetti here.

Ornaments and decorative objects are important to catch the eye’s attention in any interior, to make it appealing and unforgettable. “Pumo” is a traditional Italian ornament, a lucky talisman from the region of Puglia. Natuzzi, one of the most renown Italian furniture brands, turned this historical decoration into a luxury object, that will make your interiors unique with its eccentric shape and charm you with the color gold.


What makes a light shine brighter, if not gold? Natuzzi also creates fine light designs for your interiors to enlighten your rooms with a luxurious lamp. Vico is a sculptor table lamp with a strong personality. The purity of the lines and the metal texture of the material is enhance by the golden color, to bring a touch of Italian elegance in your home décor. 


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In a simple and minimal interior, color can be the decoration item that brings eccentricity in the décor. A dining room with neat shapes and clean designs, can immediately become joyful with some bright yellow chairs. Boffetto is the ideal design company for this purpose, having made uniqueness its key point. With a strong artistic view, Boffetto designers create all kinds of furniture and decoration pieces. Contemporary and functional, this Italian brand will bring true elegance into your home décor.


For those who are looking for a more daring and luxurious style, Boffetto has designed a beautiful golden tea table. This piece will surely become they focus point of your entire home décor, with its luxurious elegance. 


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