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Design is truly a child’s game with Studio delle Alpi

Design is truly a child’s game with Studio delle Alpi

Elegant wood object for your kid’s room that combine an ecologic soul with the pursuit of uniqueness and originality.

Nowadays the market of children’s toys and decoration items is filled with trivial and ordinary objects, with no care for environment-friendly materials nor for design innovations. It was 2012 when Anne Kieffer and Arnaud Mauriamé decided to start a design company that was meant to be different. 


Studio delle Alpi is a brand which aims to stand out from the crowd, avoiding the mass production systems and the traditional market channels. Niche products of unconventional designs with an ecological soul: that is the signature of Studio delle Alpi.


The company is located in Luxembourg and Milan, combining influences from northern Europe and the great design tradition from Italy. Studio delle Alpi wants to provide kids and families with modern, appealing and green children furniture and toys, with design pieces that can match ecology, elegance and fun. 


This company’s main focus stays on the final users: children. That is why Studio delle Alpi gives high attention on the quality of the raw materials: only natural woods, with no chemicals or toxic substances used in the treatment and coloring process. The design of each object is drawn to provide an appealing look and the maximum safety for the kids who are going to enjoy it.


The bright colors and the playful patterns on objects by Studio delle Alpi are made with traditional printing techniques and water based tints. No glue is used to put the pieces together, every item is assembleable and disassembleable for your children’s fun and safety.


Over the years, Studio delle Alpi collaborated with many important names of the design world, crafting their ideas with the skills that comes from years of experience. Though successful, Studio delle Alpi continues to stay small, aiming to control every step of the designing and creating process of their products. Niche items, exclusive design and care for the environment are luxury standards of the future.


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