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Bentley and Mercedes Benz from luxury car to luxury furniture

Bentley and Mercedes Benz from luxury car to luxury furniture

Nowadays it is common that high brands from different fields create a furniture collection to bring their unique style into home décor. Like it happened with fashion stylists like Cavalli and Versace, it is also the case of the luxury car brands Bentley and Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz design for cars is notoriously classy, elegant and simple, yet unmistakable. The furniture pieces by Mercedes Benz will be inspired by the most iconic car models that the company created over the years. The brand created a home décor line that resembles the lines of the famous Class series of vehicles.


The German company collaborated with the Italian designers from Formitalia, to provide its furniture with the most elegant design. Hard woods, bright metals and sharp lines are the main features of these luxury interior goods. The same comfort and innovation that make any Mercedes car unique and special, will make the furniture by this company unforgettable.


Find out more about the furniture line by Mercedes Benz here.

The British high profile company Bentley Motors also decided to put the high speed lines of its cars into a furniture line. Furniture by Bentley brings the sports design of its vehicles into the appealing details of the home décor. Craftsmanship and luxury are the key point for the car brand as much as they are for their furniture line.

Bentley designs furniture both for home interiors and for the office.  The finest woods and the best leathers meet into a soft and elegant design. Your home décor will gain sophisticated items and unique design pieces with Bentley Motors home furniture.

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