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Classic, eccentric or minimalistic: what is your favorite light design style?

What would you like your lights to express? Do you wish them to match your interiors décor, or to create an interesting contrast? Let us take a look at some charming light designs as a source of inspiration.

12 October 2017 173 0

Classic design is timeless and ageless, even when it comes to light design. The beautiful chandelier shapes that reminds us of a past time, can give any room a touch of luxury and elegance. A classic light design piece will suit perfectly in a luxurious and graceful interior, but will also make an astonishing contrast supplement to a contemporary home décor.

The precious Murano handblown glass is one of the most beautiful material to be used for a classic chandelier design: transparencies, bright colors and the fine skills of the artisans make Murano glass lights an exceptional decoration item. Stl Lux is one of the finest producers of classic style lights in Italy, where it gained the trust of demanding customers with classy taste. 

Find out more about Stil Lux design here.

Lights are, in a way, the jewels of an interior. Chandeliers flatter the furniture beneath them like a collier on a beautiful lady’s neck, lamps enlighten the interiors like a pair of diamond earing framing a woman’s face. Who would be better to design your home lights more than a former jewelry maker? Gabriel Scott, an American creative with a background in architecture, industrial projects and jewels design, who started an eccentric and original light production company.


Chandeliers and lamps by Gabriel Scott have a shape that resembles the angles of diamonds, suspended from the ceiling with invisible strings that will make them look like they are floating. The chic and contemporary design of these lights will give to your interiors an eccentric look, bringing a dreamy and futuristic atmosphere in your home.


Take a look at more light designs by Gabriel Scott here.

Minimalism is one the main trend in home décor nowadays. In order to transfer this simple style into light designs, without getting to simple and banal, an original creativity is fundamental, along with the aid of the latest technologies and new materials. Only a high quality product can be a long lasting item to elevate a home décor.

Quasar is a renowned brand from that Netherlands specialized in light design since 1992. The goal of this company is to create light pieces with a minimal yet unique design. Quasar chooses wisely the materials that suit best to every design, to provide you with charming chandeliers and lamps that will illuminate your interiors with tact and originality.


Check out more lighting by Quasar here.

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