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Architecture with paper: Molo Design’s modular furniture

Architecture with paper: Molo Design’s modular furniture

The Vancouver brand Molo designs flexible paper-made furniture with innovating techniques.

Constructing a paper model is usually an intermediate step in the furniture making process. Designers bring their sketches to life with prototypes made of paper, to have a more realistic idea of the product they will make, to spot any flaws or defects and correct them. There is a company in Canada that saw a great potential in paper modeling and made that middle stage the definitive one, using innovating techniques to make is innovative and appealing.


It was 2013 when the Vancouver company Molo debuted with a complete furniture collection. Seatings, tables, desks, sculptural room dividers and lightings designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Tod MacAllen are flexible and modular, thanks to the special technique utilized to shape and treat the paper.

Softseating is the one of the lines by Molo that includes seats, chairs and ottomans by Molo. These interior decoration pieces are made with various materials to create a very natural effect. The little honeycomb structures open up into loungers, benches, cylindrical coffee tables and different seating solutions. The items from the Softseating collection can also be combined together, to create a unique furniture piece that can perfectly match the dimension of the room and the customer’s needs.

Putting together the different interior items by Molo requires no installation tool, no hardware and no special skill either. The products simply need to be easily opened, expanding themselves out to 100 times their compressed size. Even though made of paper, furniture by molo is very solid and resistant: the Softseating benches, for instance, can withstand the weight of a group of people laying on them.  Design furniture is truly accessible to everyone.


Molo used paper also to create astonishing light designs. These unique pieces possess a unique beauty that makes them different from any other object on the market. The Cloud Light collection will bring into your home décor charming paper sculptures illuminated by powerful LED light. Chandeliers float from the ceiling like dreamy bright clouds, floor and table lamps are held by demountable wooden bases. Designs from the Cloud Light line will make your home décor unforgettable.


Take a look at more paper design pieces by Molo here.

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