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Cleaning out a closet for the new season: tips to make it easy and stylish

Cleaning out a closet for the new season: tips to make it easy and stylish

Seasons change and so do our clothes. Sometimes it is not easy to reorganize a closet for the temperature variation. Let’s take a look at some ideas and tips to make this operation less stressful.

The first step is certainly emptying the wardrobe. This can be the untidiest operation, if you don’t use a method for it. it is very important to avoid just randomly pulling all of your clothes out of the closet and throwing them on your bed or on your sofa all at once: this will lead to a waste of time and energy. Instead, try to separate your clothes in different categories, already preparing them to be repacked. 

it is also a good idea to say goodbye to the old clothes you really don’t wear anymore: they only take up useful storage space and they remind you how shouldn’t do that much shopping. Get rid of those old sweatshirts and carefully fold the ones you want to keep. When doing this operation, you could always use some extra space. It could be extremely helpful to have a bed frame with internal storage space: it is a perfect way to change the closets according to the seasons, without needing to have two wardrobes.

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When the season gets colder, it is not only the clothes that need to change accordingly: shoes are another big part of the wardrobe reorganizing, especially for the ladies. Shoes are an item that takes up a lot of space, therefore there are two ways to store them properly, depending on how much room you have. One option is to have some furniture pieces exclusively dedicated to your shoes. If you have enough room in your living room, show racks can be a nice addition to your home décor.


When you have limited space, or simply don’t desire nor need to have a shoe rack, you can choose to simply put them in your closet. It is advisable to store your shoes in the lower part of your wardrobe. Some brands offer customizable service and will provide your closet with details specific for shoe storage.


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One last tip: your bed room is not the only room in the house where you can store your clothes. Since wardrobes can be such appealing and modern pieces of furniture, you can place them in your corridors or in your hall. You can choose a closet that matches the decoration style of the room, so that it doesn’t look like a storage piece, and use this space to keep the clothes of the next season.


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