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Light designs like beautiful lanterns: the latest trend for home décor

Imagine a dreamy atmosphere that can take you to a distant place in time and space, charming lanterns romantically illuminating your interiors. The latest tendencies for light design will bring this magical light into your interiors with elegant illuminations that resemble a Chinese lantern.

16 October 2017 141 0

The shape of a Chinese lantern can be reinterpreted, maintaining the same romantic atmosphere. The materials will change of course: the wood and glass will take the place of the thin painted papers, for a more modern design. Your interiors will shine with the charm of an ancient light, but always with a contemporary style.


Lasfera is a German company specialized in wooden light designs. This brand has chosen to pursue a distinct design style, putting its unmistakable signature on every piece of décor. Chandeliers and lamps by Lasfera are minimal and neat, showing off their natural wood look, yet they will make your interiors unforgettable, combining a modern taste with a high quality standard and a dreamy elegance.


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Wood can also be disguised, hiding its natural color and appearance to create an interesting and misleading effect. The skilled and experienced artisans of Kelly Christian created a beautiful wooden lantern lamp design that looks like it is made of metal. This ambiguous effect is the key to the design of this contemporary home décor piece.


Kelly Christian declined the Chinese lantern design in many different versions. Combining it with the shape of a hemispheres, their designers created a delicate chandelier that would make an elegant feature for any interior.


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Pregia is one of the finest companies that designs chandeliers and lamps. For years hotels, shops, showrooms and privates chose this Italian brand for their illuminations. Pregia creates astonishing lantern-like lights that enlighten every interior with a charming and sophisticated atmosphere. 


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