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Get lost in your literary universe with most comfy reading chairs

Get lost in your literary universe with most comfy reading chairs

A good book needs a comfortable chair to be truly enjoyed. Find the perfect seat that will make you want to never leave your cozy reading spot.

Start reading a new book is like leaving for an audacious trip: you may know where you’re starting from, but the destination is still mysterious. Exploring the parallel universe living in each novel is an adventure that needs a comfortable spot to start from: choosing the best chair is just as important as the ability of the book’s author to have the best reading experience.


“No man is an island” John Donne wrote in his poem, but we isolate ourselves in reading, we all feel like we are. There is armchair by Wittmann that embodies this idea. Vuelta is unique chair with unusual proportions and round lines. Its compact dimension comes the influence of modernism, its comfort appeal from the fine taste of Wittmann’s designers. This chair is a perfect, comfortable little island that will float away with you on the distant lands that your favorite books write about.


Jolly by Jan Armgardt is the quintessential definition of comfort. This classic piece, one of the most popular in Wittmann’s collection, is the archetypical model for a contemporary wing-backed chair. Seat cushions, together with head and neck support, will sustain you while the peak point of the latest thriller book is about to happen, the smooth and high quality materials will embrace you with comfort while you follow the romantic adventures of your literary hero.


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If you are keen on contemporary literature, you will certainly fall in love with the dynamic and modern design of the Acapulco chair by Ok Design. Named after the legendary resort in Mexico that hosted divas and stars during the Fifties and Sixties, this armchair will welcome you in a colorful cocoon, providing comfort and style during your reading time.


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Reading a book in your living room is relaxing and peaceful, but many people like to enjoy their favorite novels out in the nature, for a freeing involvement in their outdoors. Maui in an original chair design that will give the perfect reading outdoor experience. This piece by Riva  made with high quality hard wood has a welcoming shape, with round lines that soften the natural look of the material. The Maui chair is entirely handmade, with addition of no chemicals and toxics at all: just the natural beauty of hard wood, to accompany you in discovering the next literary adventure.

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