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Riva yachting, iconic models for the golden era of la dolce vita

Riva: the legendary yacht company that created the most iconic boat model, symbolizing the golden lifestyle of the Sixties. Riva designs are pure luxury floating on water.

17 October 2017 297 0

How can a motorboat become the embodiment of an era, of a lifestyle? Riva is the company that made this possible. Luxury, elegance and innovation are the characteristics that made Riva’s yachts the symbol of class and charm, the representation of a dreamy lifestyle.


Carlo Riva, the founder of this legendary company, died last April, leaving his astonishing heritage to the world. This Italian engineer was able to combine innovation and elegance, creating yachts and boats that are considered status symbol for every star, diva and VIP, from the Sixties to our days. 


“La dolce vita” is the motto that sums up Riva’s philosophy, the sweet life of the upper class people that legitimized these yachts as the myth they are. Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, Gianni Agnelli, Grace Kelly, Gianni Versace: everyone had a Riva yacht to spend summer holidays in style.


This legendary company never forget its routes and the model that made them renowned; that is why every new boat is a homage to the iconic models of the past. Aquaviva, for example, is a reinterpretation of Aquamara, the very first model design by the Riva brand, after the fusion with the Ferretti Group.


56’ Rivale is the latest boat model by Riva. This true gem of the sea has a bold design, that brings the classic charm and elegance of the Riva models and take it to the future, with contemporary features, high comforts and new technologies.  


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