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A beautiful rug complements the essence of furniture

A beautiful rug complements the essence of furniture

A well-crafted rug or carpet can add tremendous amount of beauty and a colorful finishing touch to any and every abode’s decor.

With its vibrant colors, unique pattern & catchy design, a beautiful rug complements the furniture and fills up the space nicely without being overwhelming. It brings life to the living room which is the center of family life and entertainment, hence truly making it worth living for and in, and it is just as lively in any other room as well.


Tania Johnson Design

Tania specialises in translating her textural photographs into timeless rugs intricately hand knotted in wool and silk. Every design starts with a moment that inspires her - the way light creates shadows and reflections and the microscopic details found in nature.



A photo contains millions of shades of colour. 

Each luxurious rug is made to order and personally designed.  Weaving graph is customized to ensure each one, regardless of size or colour, is an individual piece of art. 

Every rug starts with a moment that inspires just the way light creates shadows and reflections and the microscopic details found in nature. Capturing these fleeting moments in time, the patterns that constantly form and shift around us, inspires all of us endlessly.


Hand-woven wool is tightly looped into a sophisticated, soft rug for your floors. 

Tania Johnson Design is a member GoodWeave (www.goodweave.org), which aims to eliminate child labour and to improve working conditions for adults; any carpet with the GoodWeave label means that the rug was made only by adult artisans. In addition, the certification programme helps fund educational opportunities for children as well as support and resources for families and weaving communities in South Asia.


Frances Bradley

Creating aspirational furniture using sustainably sourced English hardwoods and modern materials, Northamptonshire based design studio Frances Bradley perfectly fuses a blend of traditional and innovative methods to deliver truly ground-breaking items.


Handmade by a team of artisan craftsmen, each and every unique piece uses locally sourced timber to make organic modern furniture in eye catching and often brightly coloured combinations.  Material led design, starting with natural wood and desigining around it's unique features. Sustainably sourced, most of our wood is produced as a by-product of local tree surgeons rather than being cut down specifically for the wood. 


Local, where possible both the materials and processes are within 30 miles of the workshop in Northamptonshire.  Traceable, often the piece can be tracked back to where the individual tree once stood.  Honest materials and design, every material is clear and purposeful.  Simple but modern designs.  Environmentally friendly practices- minimising production waste through design, low materials miles and packaging recovery and reuse where possible ensures each item has the minimum environmental impact starting from initial design through to the final piece.

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