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Cementine by Fioranese, the most fashionable trends for ceramic tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a trendy way to add style and personality to your interiors. Fioranese set the trend for this year with the exclusive Cementine design.

17 October 2017 556 0

The Décor Evolution by Fioranese in an innovative project that combines contemporary taste with the ancient art of cement-base tiles decoration. Fioranense doesn’t pursue perfection in home décor: the different detail is celebrated, asymmetry is a beautiful feature.


Fioranense has been focusing on ceramic manufacturing for over fifty years, aiming to provide their customers with beautiful and resistant products. In their long experience, artisans from this Italian brand gained the trust of their clients with hard work, fine design taste and high quality standards.


Designers and artisans of Fioranese created three collections for the Cementine lines, to match every customer’s needs and tastes, but always staying true to their unique and unmistakable style. The decorations of these beautiful tiles follow echoes of ancient pattern, classical drawings and modern influences. 


Evo is the Cementine collection that looks back at the Sixties. Patterns typical from that decade will be perfect to make your bathroom décor more appealing, or your living room style more original. The pop vibe and the geometrical patterns are what make the Cementine Evo so special.


For those who are into a more minimalist and sophisticated style, Fioranese designed the Black&White Cementine collection. Contrast is the key word for this tiles line: a perfect balance of colors and styles, that will make your interiors charming and elegant.

The nostalgic souls will fall in love with the Cementine Retrò collection. These tiles have an industrial-chic look that is truly unmistakable. Your interiors will gain in grace and elegance with the pastel colors interacting in the decoration of the Cementine Retrò tiles collection.


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