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Tips to furnish your outdoors: the essential elements for a truly relaxing dehor

Nothing is more relaxing that spending time in a dehor, a peaceful back garden just out of your house. To enjoy your outdoors in the best way, there are some key items you need to decorate them with.

18 October 2017 132 0

There is no true relax without a jacuzzi. Imagine coming home after a long work day and soaking in hot water with the massaging jet streaming around your body.  These new generation bathtubs and mini pools for the outdoor will make your dehor area look like the terrace of a hotel room, to spend your romantics night in.


If you really want to transform your outdoors in a true spa, you can install a beautiful steam room. You can create a special corner to health and leisure, with a little sunbathing area in front of the sauna, in the same wood type. Turkish bath is a wonderful way to stay healthy, remove toxins from your body and decrease all the stress built up during the day.


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There can be no cosines and comfort without a fire, especially outside. Put a nice outdoor fireplace in your garden: it will be the point where all your friends and family gather around, to share happy moments and create beautiful memories. Choose an unconventional design for your outdoor fireplace: you could have an original design that resembles the shape of a chimney, or a bench that can accommodate a big group of people and keeping them warm with a fire spot in the middle.

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A beautiful outdoor area is meant to share it with friends and family, to gather together for a special occasion, or simply for a Sunday lunch. The most classic and tasty outdoor meal is certainly a nice barbecue. Surprise your guests with an absolutely unconventional grill design: it will look like an artwork, but it will help you cooking a delicious barbecue.


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Comfort supplies are essential for a relaxing outdoor space, but the eyes need their share too. Aesthetics can be just as fundamental to create a peaceful and calming are for you and your family. Create an environment that encourages introspection, meditation and contemplation with beautiful statues, decoration and artworks. A light source, for example, can take the form of a pacific Buddha, watching over the peace of your outdoor area.


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