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A starway to heaven: beautiful and functional ideas for your staircases

A starway to heaven: beautiful and functional ideas for your staircases

Internal stairs are a very important home décor element: they have to match the style of the furniture, adapt to the shape of the rooms, and have a practical and functional design.

When a house has more than one floors, it is important to choose the right type of stairway to properly connect the different levels. The staircase has to be big enough to provide comfort, but also doesn’t have to occupy an excessive amount of space in the room. Ladders, free standing stairways, spiral stairs, made of stone, wood, metal, or glass: find the model of stair that suits your needs and tastes best.

A spiral staircase is indicated for those who have a limited space. This is a wonderful solution, since the curving and twisting shape can be very elegant and appealing and is able to make you safe a lot of space in your room. 

A free standing stairs model will meet the taste of those who love contemporary and innovative design. The steps are secured to the wall, without no need of more support, besides the handrail. If you choose to install a glass parapet, instead of a more traditional wooden rail, the stairway will gain a truly unforgettable look, very contemporary and interesting.


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Contemporary designers found a way to create staircases that only need support from the upper level floor, without needing to be attached to the wall. If you have big spaces and love minimal design, a stairway like this will look astonishing in your interiors.

Design and appearance are important, but there are factors to be taken in consideration before.  The height of the staircase and the distribution of the steps has to be organized so that the different flights of stairs are equal and homogeneous. The number of steps should be equal for every flight, if the space allows to do so, and the ladders should be all of the same height.

It is essential to install a handrail on the staircase and to choose for the steps a material treated to be anti-slip. If you have doors in front of the stairs, there has to be a considerable space between the first step and the doorframe. All of these security precautions are extremely important for your safety and comfort.

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