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It’s Raining Chairs – #Bespoke#Luxury#Chairs

What bespoke furniture brings to the home interiors is an air of exclusivity which is one of the signatures of luxury interior design.

18 October 2017 136 0

The importance of furniture in adding to the functionality, warmth and comfort of a space cannot be stressed enough. Furniture articles make our homes cosier, allowing us to indulge in our favourite activities in great comfort. If chosen with care, furniture can also assist in creating stylish interiors for our home with some of the exquisite and luxurious articles that are being made available by leading furniture dealers.


Personalized design, detailing and use of materials are what make custom made furniture unique as compared to premade options. Whether you want your coffee table to be fashioned from wood or metal, the sofa upholstery done in cotton or silk, the right amount of carving, polishing, etc is all fashioned on an individual scale for a unique piece of furniture.  Galapagos takes pride on crafting beautiful furniture. The new Contract range is made with restaurants & hotels in mind, with luxurious, hard wearing fabrics and hard wood frames, and our Vintage range of classic heirloom pieces are re-upholstered to order in bespoke fabrics for project use. Each and every piece is produced with care in Surrey and Nottingham workshops, and can be tailored to individual projects.



The Fernandina Desk and Dining Chair in Linwood Fable Aesop and Omega Velvet - Galapagos

A British furniture maker led by design dedicates itself to provide quality furniture in bespoke fabrics.  The also source and restore original vintage furniture for both commercial and interior projects. 

An interesting fact about Galapagos: The furniture styles are named after islands in Galapagos Archipelago.  Don’t believe me? Try to match the islands with the products.


The New Bartholomew Cocktail Chair in Linwood Grass Omega Velvet – Galapagos - British



Manufacture and commercialization of hostelry furniture, Adico assumes a commitment to competitiveness and sustainability, based on a base of employee involvement and strengthening relationships of trust with suppliers, culminating in exceeding customer needs and expectations.


AVA collection - Adico - Portugal

Hemonides.jpeg Hemonides – Designed & Produced in Cyprus

Rethink your new or existing home to become a reflection of your personality and style, understand your aesthetic direction and practical needs and come up with proposals that closely fit your aspirations for your home.   

Transform your interiors to create atmosphere and mood with customized furniture that allows for the best possible use of interior space and can ultimately create an image of luxury and prestige.


Give yourself unparalleled individualism and quality

Era Chair - Timber finish: Surface treatment with colorless natural water based varnish – Hemonoides – Cyprus

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