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Tips for Furniture Maintenance

Tips for Furniture Maintenance

It is one thing to buy furniture of high quality, it is another to do furniture maintenance.

It is one thing to buy furniture of high quality, it is another to do furniture maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to know some handy tips from experts, helping keep your furniture shiny and ensure a longer life. Anyways, it doesn't hurt to have a try on the following advice. 

     Avoid putting furniture in the following places

Avoid placing furniture in hot areas such as near heaters, fireplaces or the vent of air conditioning. Dramatic changes in temperature may cause damage to the exposed surface of furniture. Moreover, furniture should be kept away from damp areas or places full of oil fumes. The furniture in kitchen or toilet must be damp and rust proof.


Pay attention on what you put on cabinet shelves

When placing items, never forget to think about the function of the furniture. For example, you should avoid putting heavy books on glass antique cabinet so as to reduce the possibility of tilting; put heavy objects on the lowest shelf rather than the top one. Professional manufacturers offer bearing instructions and advice on how to place items. Please read such information carefully. 


Be cautious when moving furniture around

Remember to lift furniture up when moving it around instead of sliding and dragging, for it can distort or break the legs. Remember to put everything on display aside when moving around furniture like bookshelves and porcelain cabinets. If you are moving into a new house, it is convenient to disassemble the cabinet and wrap up shelves, truckles, handles and glass etc. separately. 


How to keep sofas soft and smooth at all times?

We should frequently fluff up our cushions and pillows to adjust the density of stuffing and reduce the wearing.. We should often turn over or switch cushions to let the stuffing resume its normal shape, especially when we always take seats at a specific part, thus keeping the sofas soft and smooth as always. 


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     Does the furniture like sunlight like we do?

We should prevent imported furniture from long and direct sunlight, whether it’s made of wood, cloth, leather or bamboo and rattan. Otherwise, the UV will lead to fine cracks in the coating surface, color fading or blackening, and fibers of textile will be impaired, thus leading to color fading and degradation. If long and direct sunlight is unavoidable, a curtain can be used to shade the sunlight.

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