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It’s mosaics mania!

It’s mosaics mania!

Maybe it’s because they resemble pixels, or maybe it’s because of their ancient story, but it’s a fact the mosaics are one of the latest trends of 2017 for home décor. Let’s find out the most stylish ways to use them in interior decoration.

They speak with the futuristic language of computer pixels, but their story is almost as old as times. Mosaics manage to survive different ages and cultures, remaining a wonderful decoration element for homes all over the world. The name itself tells the story of its charm and beauty: it derives from the Greek word “musaikòn”, which indicates a gorgeous work of art created under the inspiration of the mythic Muses, the goddess of the fine arts. 

Take a look at some ancient inspiration mosaics by Lithos here

Ancient Greeks and Romans used mosaics to decorate their gardens and bathrooms, but also to create beautiful artworks as homages their gods. Today mosaics are an elegant home feature to enhance every home décor. Artists of mosaics still reproduce bucolic scenes and ancient decorative motives, but the drawings have developed towards a more modern style, more geometrical, and based on color contrasts and degradation effects.


Mosaics are mostly used in bathroom decoration. Floors and walls become the canvas on which beautiful glass and stone pieces create astonishing drawings, fascinating patterns, charming geometries. The bathroom becomes the most elegant room of the house with a home décor as elegant as mosaics.


Mosaics immediately creates a luxury atmosphere. Your bathroom will be transformed into a five stars hotel lavatory, or a wonderful holiday spa. Mosaics are suitable to cover both the inside and the outside of a bathtub, to provide you with a stylish mini pool right in your home bathroom.


Being not only elegant and decorative, but also highly resistant, mosaics are common in kitchens too. Glass is more indicated for this room of the house, since it can be more easily treated to last longer ad don’t get damaged. Mosaics give a unique touch to the kitchen, making it truly one of a kind.


Check out other mosaics for any room of the house by Ezarri here.

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