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The world of fantasy : recommended children' s furniture

High end children's furniture.

03 October 2017 99 0

A safe and beautiful environment for children that can bring hope, love, and imagination is what parents desire to give, creating an ideal home for all children. Therefore, children’s rooms and furniture should be properly and carefully selected. In the following we will recommend some high-end imported children brands for you and your children.


Born in 1958, Tumidei has over 50 years of experience and specializes in children bedroom furniture design. The continuous search of the most sophisticated consumer driven solutions for interior design, represents one of Tumidei’s success factors and the motivation for the Company’s thoughtful and consistent growth. The health of children and adults is safeguarded thanks to the use of water-based paints. Tumidei applies surface treatment techniques in keeping with the Europe Safety Standards on furnishing as well as the Toy Directives certification. 


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The combination and complementary nature of the above factors, together with research on technological innovation and support of old traditions, allows Halley to create exclusive and durable furniture that helps to improve your daily life.


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