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A successful meeting of past with present, Rampoldi Casa

A successful meeting of past with present, Rampoldi Casa

Plan and propose furnishing solutions assuring elegance to the house, in a successful meeting of past with present.

Rampoldi Casa is located near the lakes and mountain area, Como Lake. For the years Rampoldi have always been very creative, dynamic, exciting and reliable. The company continues to dedicate to passion, experience and innovation. 


Rampoldi's work has an absolute eternal artistic value. Furniture is made with the most special processes, gold and silver foil upholstery show its inestimable value. This wood furniture have classical and timeless beauty. The details of fabric decorations are very important. Exquisite detailing and tailoring can increase product values promoting the traditional processes.



Historical elements, research in design allows to produce unique products. This is Rampoldi Casa's long experience and tireless efforts for the results. Company's excellence in details and selection of high quality raw materials are the most important factors to create the best furniture.


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