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Top Flooring Brands

Top Flooring Brands

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We always put a lot thought in selecting the material of flooring in decorating, as there are many different kinds out there, like marvel flooring, outdoor flooring, wood flooring, meeting different decoration requirements and preferences. And we always choose one or two over another based on our needs and design. To help you and your decoration choice, the following will introduce ten high-end foreign flooring brands.


Cerdomus Tile Studio is a family owned and operated business which began trading in the Ceramic tile and stone industry in 1972. Since the very beginning of its foundation, it has been seeking to keep close to the quality standards of international market and pursuing the Italian decoration style. Its advanced technology and professional manufacturing process distinguish itself in the field of interior decoration, even more, making it a leader in the international flooring trend. By working with top designers around the world, it always brings the latest in Tile and Stone with advanced technology and this helps Cerdomus win over many clients and their support.


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      Quintessenza Ceramiche

Quintessenza Ceramiche has two founders with distinctive characters and abilities. One is responsible of making investments and seeking new to seek new business opportunity in the infrastructure field with a pragmatic attitude and a keen sense to market. The other takes charge of drawing inspiration and creative ideas with sharp eyes and unique taste. Based on our passion, perseverance, expertise and experience, our brand beams with tradition, elegance and beauty.


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      I CONCI

I CONCI is proud to be the stone supplier of many famous buildings, including the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, the GUM shopping mall at Red Square in Moscow, the Egyptian College in Rome, the Madison Tower in New York, the Le Sirenuse and Palazzo Sasso hotels in Italy and the new courts located in Reggio Calabria; Branded franchised malls such as Dolce & Gabbana, Furla, Corneliani and numerous high-end sports venues and convention centers from Milan to Porto Chievo, from New York to Moscow and from London to Dubai. All the stone products of building come from top designers in the world such as Carlo Colombo, Rodolfo Dordoni, David Chipperfield and Piero Lissoni.


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