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Decorate your living room with color and a touch of irony

Decorate your living room with color and a touch of irony

Furnish your interiors with the energy of vibrant colors and the irony of eccentric designs.

The living room is the heart of every house: it is where you welcome your guests, where you spend time with your friends, where you create beautiful memories with your family. That is why it is very important to decorate this room in a way that can express our personality, our lifestyle, our sense of humor and our temperament. Let’s take a look at some decorations item that will be perfect for someone eccentric, who loves to live life joyfully and never has a dull moment.


Welcome your guests and have your friends seated on the most colorful couches they have ever seen. Choose a bright acid green for your sofa, don’t be afraid to combine it with a contemporary design and to pair it with items that contrast strongly its color. A couch like this one will create the perfect atmosphere for the friendly chats to happen on it, and for the fun parties held in your colorful living room. 

Go ahead and mix materials and patterns when choosing your armchairs. Your life is full of different interests, your personality has such diversified aspects, why shouldn’t you express that in your furniture? Your guests will be amazed by the mix and match and the surprising combinations you created in your living room.

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Eccentric is not always synonym with colorful: uniqueness and eccentricity can be expressed in other way. For instance, take a look at these seats and pouf covered in white eco-fur. The look of this items is funny and a bit odd, but very appealing and simply irresistible, just like the way you are.


Add to you your living room a detail that will make it unmistakable. A mirror is a decoration object that is not often placed in a living room, but if you can find the right style, it will enhance the whole décor of the surroundings. Chose a material that is hard not to notice for your mirror frame. Platinum or silver, for example, will reflect light and stand out from your wall making the living room more shiny and beautiful. Make sure the frame has an original design: avoid a simple thin model, and opt for a more elaborated one, that can truly add a unique touch to the home décor.

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A living room needs also a cabinet, a library or a drawers unit. This piece of furniture will have to be practical and functional, made with high quality materials, in order to sustain the weight of the items you will store in it. Do not give up on choosing a unique piece that can combine functionality and style. 


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Last but not least comes the light design. The sky is the limit when it comes to diversity for chandeliers and lamps: materials as glass, fabric, wood or ceramic can help you express your personality in the best way, different colors and style will match and enhance the living room furniture with originality and uniqueness.


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