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Baroque armchairs: thrones of elegance to match modern and classic decor

Baroque armchairs: thrones of elegance to match modern and classic decor

Regal features, luxurious fabrics, royal design: a baroque armchair will make you feel like a million dollars. This classy throne will be flattered both by a contemporary and a classic home décor.

Baroque is the most luxurious and rich of all the styles of furniture. it comes from an artistic tendency from the seventeenth century, when artists had only one goal in mind: to astonish, to amaze, to surprise the spectators of their artworks. When it translated to furniture design, baroque didn’t lose its bold and daring spirit. Today, this style gave birth to beautiful pieces of furniture, both responding to a classis style and renewed in a contemporary key.


The classic features of a baroque armchair are the color gold for the frame and the legs, elaborated carving and decorations and Chester style for the fabric or leather covering the seat in a deep color. The quintessential baroque chair is majestic, almost awe-inspiring, a real throne for the realm of your home. While an armchair like that is easily coordinated with a classic home décor, don’t be afraid to combine it with modern interiors too: the contrast between the essential lines of the rest of furniture will make an astonishing effect.


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Classic baroque style can be combined also with nowadays needs. A swivel chair can be comfortable, functional and baroque too. The regulation mechanisms are hidden underneath an impeccable ornamental style, where attention to details results in a beautiful piece of furniture, as elegant as it is comfortable.


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If you think that baroque is only synonym with classic style, know that it is far from being true. This seventeenth century tendency marries contemporary trends, combining with pop culture and modern art. The iconic shape of baroque armchair can hold together printed fabric that shows off the pages of a comic book, bringing an unexpected twist in your home décor.


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Baroque will meet the tastes even of those who like to be extreme and eccentric. When bright fluorescent colors, innovative materials like polyethylene meet with the baroque style, the result is amazing. An armchair like this can fit well in a modern home décor, but will look wonderful in a classically furnished space too: the surroundings will be enhanced by this design piece, that will stand out in all of its uniqueness. 


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