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Lamps & armchairs: how to create the perfect combo

Lamps & armchairs: how to create the perfect combo

A lamp and an armchair are what it takes to create a cozy corner in your living room. but what is the best way to match these two items? Let’s take a look at some options that follow the latest trends in home design.

No matter what its style is, the armchair is often a piece that stands out from the rest of the furniture: when we choose a different style from the sofas and want to separate it from the rest of the interior, a floor lamp can make it the protagonist of the room.


Mad Chair by Poliform is a modern designed armchair. Its asymmetric shape gives the piece a touch of eccentricity, but its soft and smooth design will be easy to harmonize with the rest of the furniture. Uniqueness lays in the little details of this armchair, in the high quality material and the comfort it provides.


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The perfect match for this armchair is the Felt Shade floor lamp by Tom Dixon. This light design piece has a felt shade, unusual material for illumination, and a metal structure. These two pieces of furniture will be able to exalt and enhance each other with their simplicity and minimalism.

poli e tom.jpg

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For those who prefer geometric and squared designs, Billiani had design the Inka B200 armchair. This petit piece of furniture has a strong personality, and will be able to stand out from every interior, even though its design is not loud nor eccentric. The seat and the back are stuffed with fireproof polyurethane, to provide you with safety and comfort.

inka bill.jpg

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The neat and squared lines of the Inka B200 armchair will create a nice contrast if placed next to the Chesire floor lamp by Fontana Arte. A design as simple as it can be makes it a sophisticated illumination: a metal half-sphere on top of a tall pole. Available in green, white or black, the Chesire lamp will create the right atmosphere for the coziest corner of your living room.


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If you have an eccentric personality and want your furniture to reflect it, Gervasioni created the Nuvola armchair. Its name means “cloud” in Italian, indicating the softness and comfort this chair will provide you and the dreamy touch it will add to your interiors. This chubby piece of furniture will welcome you in its embrace of exuberant design and comfort.


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To match such an unconventional armchair, a unique lamp is needed. Mr. Light Tall by Nemo will make a perfect combo with the Nuvola chair. This lucid black metal light piece will remind you of a gentleman tipping his hat to salute a nice lady, raising from the floor with the same grace and elegance an aristocrat would have.


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