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Tips to create your L shape kitchen

Tips to create your L shape kitchen

Let’s take a look at different styles and solutions for your L shaped kitchen furniture.

One of the most common way to install a kitchen is placing the furniture, counters and supplies in the shape of an L: it is functional, practical, and allows you to create a big space in the middle of the room.


An L shaped kitchen essentially has two different possibility of installation. According to your tastes and needs, you could choose to place the furniture along two walls of the room, leaving enough space for a big table or a big island in the middle. This is the most indicated solution for large and squared kitchen rooms: it will make the space look bigger and it will definitely make the most functional solution.


This L shaped kitchen installation is suitable both for classical and for modern styles. The classic design of your wooden rustic-chic counters will be enhanced by the L disposition, your minimalist and modern kitchen furniture will make an elegant effect against the walls.


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The second option for an L shaped kitchen is for those who don’t want to separate their kitchen from their living room of dining room, creating an open space for their interiors. In this case, you could use some of your kitchen furniture to create a separation between the rooms, without raising a wall between them. This way, a part of the counters will be placed along the wall, and the rest of the kitchen will create a sort of peninsula in the middle of the open space.


This type of L kitchen will allow to use the part that sticks out from the wall not only as a counter unit or a stove, but also as a small breakfast table. This solution is perfect for families with a dynamic lifestyle, that love to spend time in company and share happy moments with friends. 


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