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Arabesk: history of the most iconic chair by Matrix

After more than sixty years, the Arabesk armchair by Matrix remains an icon, one of the milestones in the history of contemporary design. Let’s find out more about its story.

24 October 2017 163 0

Arabesk was first designed in the mid fifties by Folke Jansson, a sculptor, painter and ceramist from Scandinavia. At that point of time, squared designs were very popular in furniture, the main tendency was to create linear shapes, especially in Northern Europe. But Jansson was looking some something completely different.


Jansson’s sensibility was the one of a true artist when he started designing this chair focusing on the very beginning of every drawing: the concept of a line. He tried to follow the path that this imaginary line indicated, guiding him during the creative process. Simply by looking at the final product, Arabesk, you can tell how it developed from a simple line, sinuously curving and folding on itself.


Arabesk is so much more than an armchair, for it has left an indelible mark in the history of design and contemporary art. This piece of furniture will decorate your interiors in the same way an artwork does, dominating the room like a beautiful and harmonious sculpture.


When it was first shown at the furniture fair in Gothenburg, back in 1995, it was defined like an atomic bomb for the bold innovation that it brought, “the only thing worth remembering” from that year’s exhibition. From the very beginning, this armchair by Folke Jansson was meant to make history, and it truly did. 


Of course, the elegance and gracefulness of the form are not the only things that matter when it comes to furniture. This armchair was design to please the eye as much as the body: the structure of the object and the high quality materials make it a comfortable and cozy chair to sit in. Matrix will bring to your home this piece of the history of contemporary art, signed by the legendary Folke Jansson.


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