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Essential guidelines for an elegant and cozy bedroom

Make your bedroom comfortable, cozy and stylish following these simple home décor tips.

25 October 2017 107 0

What makes a room cozy? What objects can make the atmosphere warm, welcoming and enjoyable? Comfort is not only a matter of materials and textures, it is also something that can be perceived through other means. For example, light is an element that can completely change the look of a room, with its design and its location.


For a bedroom, it is best to choose a warm kind of illumination. It’s better to avoid excessively bright lights, since it is a room dedicated to resting and relaxing. Choose a lamp that filters light with a dark glass: it will make the atmosphere romantic with its suffused illumination. Or pick a discrete floor light that will look like a candle in the room, giving you a warm welcome after a long day.


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The quintessence of comfort is a soft pillow to lay on and a warm blanket to wrap in during cold winter nights. Choose the warmest fabrics for your cushions and covers, to welcome you in a gentle and warm embrace.


Warm colors are the best choice for your pillow covers and blankets, but even a cold color such as blue can transmit a cozy sensation, when combined wisely with other tints in appealing patterns. A thick tartan drawing could be the perfect solution for your bedroom cover.


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Flooring is just as important as blankets and pillows, when it comes to the atmosphere of a bedroom. Tiles and stones are a good option: they are easier to clean than wood flooring, and the offer a much wider range of possibilities for creativity.


As for the covers, colors have to be chosen wisely. The options are virtually infinite, and you can express your personality through the patterns you choose for your bedroom flooring, but there are some things that have to kept in mind.  A geometric and repetitive pattern is perfectly fine, as long as it doesn’t crush with the rest of the furniture: otherwise the room will get too loud and odd looking. If you like bright and deep colors, make sure to mix them with some neutral tints.


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Last but not least, we have to talk about the bed. Being the principal element in a bedroom, it has to be chosen carefully. Comfort and high quality of materials are certainly the most important characteristics in a bed. Some of them also offer a very useful feature: they hide a container space underneath the mattress, to provide you with some extra storage space.


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