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Recommendations for Wood Flooring Brands

Recommendations for Wood Flooring Brands

A brief look of the most famous compound wood floor.

Compound wood floor is also called laminate flooring. Generally, European flooring is environmentally friendly and durable, and has a high standard of traditional craftsmanship. Compound floor consists of four layers of materials: the bottom layer, the basic layer, the decoration layer and the anti-friction layer. The most important one is the anti-friction layer in that it can avoid the waste of wood materials. In decorations of high-end residences, star hotels and luxurious clubs, the market share of imported floor continues to increase, especially the brands from Europe and America, gaining more and more popularity among customers.

     Ali Parquets

The Ali Parquets company was established in 1941 from the start of limestone production. After great efforts, the business of the company has expanded to other fields of architecture materials and finally, to today’s traditional wood floor business. The elegant floor has assorted styles from classical to modern with both beautiful appearance and high quality. Every time you walk on the floor, you can have a feeling of happiness.


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     Ewf Officine Parquet

Ewf Officine Parquet is a small company which uses raw materials to produce durable and good-looking wood flooring. The wood is all from old trees with the age of even 400 years and very durable because of the unique quality and colors. The trees are fully conserved before receiving orders from customers.


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     Weitzer Parkett

Born in 1831 in Weiz, Austria, Weitzer Parkett has the experience of wood processing for more than 100 years and still maintains, holding its leading position in floor industry. Nowadays, Weitzer Parkett has two factories, the largest wood drying kiln in Europe and the world’s most advanced production line for wood flooring. The two factories are in Weiz and Gussing respectively and the total amount of production reaches 2400,000 square meters per year, with the major production of three-layer wood floor, double-layer wood floor, single-layer wood floor, etc.


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