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Magazine racks for every taste

We selected for you the most functional and trendy magazine racks from the best design companies.

27 October 2017 147 0

We all love reading magazines and newspapers, but some people have a true passion for them. Magazine racks are a good solution to store them and keep them in order, and they can also be an appealing item for your home décor.


Mag is the magazine rack designed by Slide. This design piece is extremely simple, yet playful and original. Available in seven different colors, both in opaque and lacquer tints, it will bring a touch of eccentricity into your interiors. The handle makes it easy to move from one room to another, the different colors offered make this rack easy to match with your own taste in décor.


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Bontempi Casa created a contemporary design magazine rack called Fan. The name of this object refers to the fact that its shape resembles the blades of a fan. This magazine rack has an absolutely unique style, with his eight rings creating the impression of movement. Made of steel and available in 5 different shades of color, Fan is elegant and discrete, yet unforgettable.


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Officina Nove designed his magazine rack starting from a very simple idea: the shape of an x. simplifying lines and minimalize details is a winning formula, when the designers are skilled and tasteful. This eccentric piece of furniture is made of resistant metal, to firmly hold as many papers you want to put on it. The bright colors of the magazine rack will enhance the décor of any room you decide to place it in.


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Dondola is the magazine rack designed by Laboratorio Del Marmo. This Italian brand is specialized in transforming marble and other precious stone in home décor objects that rarely feature those material. This magazine rack made of white stone and metal takes its name from the Italian verb meaning “swinging”, since its base is designed to move with its round shape.

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