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Casaitaliana named IVM’s exclusive sales representative in China

Casaitaliana named IVM’s exclusive sales representative in China

IVM hosted a meeting with Casaitalana and Eurooo teams to discuss the news about their future projects together.

Two successful companies with an optimistic view of the future and an active spirit of enterprise, two different realities joining their strength to enhance and grow together: Casaitaliana and IVM consolidated their collaboration in an important meeting on October 27th.


IVM, one of the six top Italian companies in the office furniture field, is an example of excellency. Enrico Vergani, the company’s owner, strongly believes that passion, innovation and high quality can transmit the great values of Italian craftsmanship into office furniture. IVM is well aware that in our contemporary world, not only the materials and the processes have to change: it is necessary to find new ways to communicate their vision and to make their products renowned worldwide.


IVM granted Casaitaliana with the exclusive rights to sell their products in China, a great opportunity for them to expand their market and spread their fine furniture abroad. Wu Ruijun, Casaitaliana’s president, strongly believes in the passion and quality of the IVM brand, and is willing to invest in promoting their products with his best resource. Casaitaliana and Eurooo will work in order to get the Chinese market to know this extraordinary Italian brand.


It is true that nowadays the economic crisis makes it hard to have a successful business, but that was not enough to stop IVM nor Casaitalian from believing in themselves. Both started as small companies, they worked constantly to reach the top position they now hold in the production and distribution of furniture. These two companies understood the dynamics of this constantly changing world, both in the new needs of customers and the different communication and advertising methods.


IVM invested in finding innovative solution for the offices of the present and the future. Designers created furniture that stimulates creativity, make the work place practical, healthy and functional, taking the concept of smart working to a whole new level. Their products are provided with a IoT (Internet of Things) system, that allows interaction between people and furniture. Workers will be able to set their desk so that the top is automatically placed at a certain height at a precise hour of the day, they can set their meeting room with all the items and comforts they need, and reserve it so that they are sure to find it free.


IVM was able to combine smart working tools with designs that could meet the needs and tastes of different customers from all over the world: they have a total white collection, whose minimalistic look hides all the wired in the table legs or under openable desk tops, a more classic line of wooden elegant desks and leather seats, frameless soundproof glass walls, or isolating fabric-like materials to covers ceilings with.


As IVM interpreted the new needs of the office supplies market, Casaitaliana was able to sense the necessity of a new way of selling furniture. This company offers not only high quality products, but also a complete service from architect consultation, shipping and installing. Casaitaliana transferred the concept of luxury furniture into a bigger experience, with a very important characteristic: everything starts online. The e-commerce formula makes the choice of products wider, the tailor made service they offer makes every client feel satisfied in all of his needs. 


From now on, IVM and Casaitaliana will begin a long journey to grow together, making each other stronger. Their partnership will provide hundreds of customer with a great service and high quality office furniture.

Take a look at the beautiful office design furniture by IVM here.

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