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Original ideas for your bedside tables

Original ideas for your bedside tables

Night tables are an essential feature to every bedroom: we use for our bed time book, for nice design lamps, for our common used objects. Let’s take a look at some original ideas for unusual bedside tables.

Teeny is the night table Tonin Casa designed for your bedroom. Its most unique characteristic is that it combines a table lamp and a night stand in one piece. A soft cube covered in fabric or fine leather with a tempered glass panel, from which a soft light comes. A most elegant bedside table that will make your bedroom sophisticated and stylish.


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Have you ever thought of a pouf as a night stand? A nice little stuffed stool could be an original solution for an unconventional bedside item. Offecct designed a funny pouf that will be perfect for this use. It is called Carry On, it comes in a vast choice of bright and joyful color leathers or fabrics. The wooden handle makes it easy to move around, the simple round design gives a contemporary touch to this unique piece of furniture.


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A wooden stool could transform into a stylish night stand. Maxdivani created the Discobolo design. This piece of furniture is discrete but very modern in its lines and shape. The simplicity of this stool makes it suitable to any style of home décor, its appealing design will give a delicate touch to your home décor.


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Misuraemme created a piece of furniture that is a combination between a stool and a little table. The Hill collection by Misuraemme provides you with different of sizes of the same item, available in a variety of colors, that you will be able to match as you please. Have fun mixing squared and round shapes, combing colors that will give a touch of originality to your bedroom.


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Modularity is a keyword also for the Abra design by B-Line. These metal tables are designed starting from basic geometric concepts: the encounter of a circle and a pyramid. Abra tables are interlocking, they usually come in couples, but it is you that have to combine them in the way that your inspiration suggests you.


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