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Your bathroom: a peaceful oasis of relax and style

A bathroom should be an oasis of relax, a peaceful place where everyday life problems cannot enter, and only calm and tranquility are allowed. Here are our tips to create the perfect bathroom for your home: stylish, modern, and comfortable.

07 November 2017 111 0

Before giving you some advice, we want to remind you of something. Tendencies and trends are important, but never forget your home bathroom is for you: it is you who have to like the design, you who have to choose the colors and materials according to your personal tastes. Tips, fashionable designs and new trends have to be a guideline, something to start from, but your tastes and needs must be the top priority.

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And now, to the first decision you have to make for every bathroom: bathtub or shower? Well, the good news is you don’t really have to choose, since there are solutions easy to actuate even if you don’t have a lot of space to use. A comfortable bathtub doesn’t have to be extra roomy to welcome in a cozy warm bath, and geometric designs will help you choose an appealing shape. Place your tub against the wall, and install a walk-in shower next to it: it is an innovative and modern solutions that will add style to the interior and save you some space.

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Lights are an extremely important feature in every room. A beautiful light design can enhance the décor of a room by a lot, making the interior look bigger, more elegant and peaceful. When it comes to bathrooms, you can really let your fantasy run free and choose an unconventional light: bright colors and original patterns can make the room unique.


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In a room with such particular characteristics such as the bathroom, we must choose carefully how to cover the walls. Tiles are the most common options, since they are resistant to humidity and easily to clean and maintain. Ceramic tiles are a good choice also because they can disguise themselves with any type of look: wood, bricks, et cetera.

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That said, tiles are not your only option. You can combine them with a wonderful stylish wallpaper. Nowadays tapestry and wallpapers are produced with innovative materials, that makes them waterproof and mold-resistant. You could create charming trompe l’oeil effects, mixing porcelain and majolica-looking wallpapers in your bathroom. 


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