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The cherry on top of your home décor? It’s light design!

No interior design is complete without lights: chandeliers, lamps, appliques and spotlights are able to completely change the look of a room, enhance and exalt a décor in the best way. Here we selected some of the main brands that set the trends for light design.

07 November 2017 131 0

If you feel there is royal blood running in your veins, and you want your life to be lived with high style and with maximum luxury, we bet your home décor matches your personality. For a 2017 regal style, choose big chandelier pieces, with original details that will make them stand out from your interiors.


Beby Italy is a company with fifty years of experience in its background, specialized in high quality chandeliers. Grandiosity is the main feature of this company’s design. This brand combines the renowned taste of Italian designers with a careful attention to details and a true passion for luxury.


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If your personality makes you always look towards the future and you like to live a dynamic and intense life, a modern design will be the perfect choice for your light pieces. Ceiling lamps like space ships and futuristic design light designs will add an appealing touch to your interiors, making them match with your natural dispositions.

The perfect brand for such a modern light design is Raco. This Spanish company has been working on creative lighting pieces for over thirty years, specializing in innovative designs and new technologies and materials.

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Mazzega 1946 is a fine Italian brand who will satisfy people with a modern taste for design, without being to eccentric. The ancient art of the Murano hand-blown glass is combined with a contemporary style in Mazzega’s pieces.


Delicate shapes softly illuminated by an elegant light will make your interiors sophisticated and charming. Being one of the most important lighting companies in Italy, Mazzega 1946 is guaranteed to provide you with a high quality product of the finest design.

Find out more about Mazzega 1946 here.

You can be futuristic and innovating also by renovating ancient traditions. Sigma L2 is an Italian company that creates astonishing light designs that boldly combine traditional and classical shapes with modern materials and contemporary style.

Sigma L2 began its journey in the Sixties, when the enthusiasm for the future and the urge to renovate lifestyles and tastes was stronger. Today, this company continues to make thousands of customers all over the world satisfied, providing them with absolutely unique products made with experience and high quality materials.

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