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Let the sun shine in: arrange your kitchen around a window for a luminous and joyous space

A kitchen must be a room to share family moments, to cook meals for your beloved ones and your friends. Let the sun shine on your happy moments and arrange your kitchen furniture according to the window in the room.

08 November 2017 246 0

If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with a view, you should make the most out of it and let it be the protagonist of the room. You may think that a window taking up a whole wall of your kitchen might not be a smart choice, but we assure you that, even though you will scarify some space, it is really worth it. The big window will make all the sunlight illuminate your furniture and exalt its beauty, like in this charming Arrital kitchen.

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If you like the idea of an open plan kitchen that does not have a marked separation with the living room or dining room, a full wall window would look even better. It will make your interiors look more harmonious and extremely elegant. It will be like you cook your meals and dine with your friends outdoor, but with all the comfort of your high end furniture. This astonishing dining table by Domus Arte will give you an idea of the final effect.

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Even when there is no chance to have a full wall window, you can still make the best out of your natural light sources. You can utilize all the potential of your small window by placing your kitchen furniture in a functional way. For instance, you could place your sink right underneath the window, and organize the rest of your kitchen so that the seats face the light source. This beautiful example by TM Italia shows the potential of this kind of arrangement.

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Windows don’t always have to look classic and have simple shapes. If your house have an industrial chic look, both the window frame and the kitchen furniture should match that style. The Bilbao model by Callesella is an original example of an elegant kitchen with a sharp contemporary look. The industrial-looking window enhances and exalts the whole décor of the kitchen, making it unique and original.

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