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Make your interiors dreamy and charming with mirrors

Make your interiors dreamy and charming with mirrors

“Mirror mirror on the wall”, said the old tale. These objects are not only mysterious parts of ancient children stories: they can also be the inspiration to renovate your interiors home décor. A mirror can make a room look bigger, it can give more light to an indoor space, it can adorn a wall as a beautiful work of art.

Keep it simple: this is the must for contemporary interior design. Simplicity does not mean banality: a simple mirror with a wooden frame and neat lines will stand out among your furniture even more than an elaborated one. This freestanding object by Porventura will look like an open window on a mysterious space, matching both a classical home décor and a more modern style.

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Mirrors can also have different functions. Eno Studio created the Dorne model, which both serves as a mirror and a shelf. This appealing design object could be the perfect feature for your garden, or it can be place in your living room or dining room to provide additional an surface and add some personality to the interiors.


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The round and oval shapes are the most common ones when it comes to mirrors, even in classic style décor. Contemporary designers took the circle shape to a new level, combing functionality an art. Sabrina Landini is an Italian designer who makes of mirrors true works of art. These creations will bring a dreamy atmosphere into your home, together with the authentic Italian style.


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Imperfection makes beauty. Cracks and cuts are a key feature in contemporary art. Bring a bold design piece in your home décor, with a mirror that breaks the perfection standards, creating a cracked shape. These charachteristics, together with a fascination for the way aged mirror transform in time, make the main style feauture of Antique Mirror products. An original home décor item like this finds it value in uniqueness, capacity to express and reflect emotions, making your home décor special and unmistakable.

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For those who like a more eccentric decoration styles, covering your house walls with a combination of mirrors with different shapes will be a wonderful solution. The mirrors will reflect the beautiful items of your home décor from every angle, projecting them into their fluid and unique shapes. A composition of mirrors like this one by Rebirth will look like a unique work of art, and reflect your personality in the best way.


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