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Rocking chairs, a glimpse of the past in modern interiors

Rocking chairs, a glimpse of the past in modern interiors

It transformed from being old grandmas’ favorite relax spot to a trendy home décor item: the rocking chair is making a huge comeback in the furniture world.

Maybe it is thanks to its undisputed comfort, or because of its old-times charm: the rocking chair is returning into people’s homes in new innovative forms and designs. This piece of furniture made a long journey since its invention in the 18th century by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. 


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The quintessence of every rocking chair has to be comfort: this seat has to make you feel welcomed after a long day, ready to make you relax in the quite of your home. The Gica rocking chair by Beltà has a stuffed quilted seat that will provide you with support and softness at the same time. Its sophisticated design will bring an elegant touch to your interiors, with the pure simplicity of the lines and the neatness of the shape.

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Comfort is important, but nowadays it is not enough: people want bold design, they look for uniqueness in their home décor, they want to be able to express their personality though the interior decoration. Matter of Stuff designed the Mike rocking chair thinking of young and dynamic customers. The industrial-chic look of this piece, together with its bright color and its appealing shape, will be perfect to add a touch of eccentricity to the home décor.


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For those who always look towards the future and want their interiors to look contemporary, or more, innovative, Giorgetti has designed the perfect rocking chair. Solid wood looks malleable and flexible thanks to the skilled craftwork of Giorgetti’s artisans, who created an astonishing piece of furniture that is as unique and original as it could be. This rocking chair successfully combines a naturalistic look, resembling the routes and branches of a tree, and a futuristic vibe coming from the sinuous lines and the shape of the chair.


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