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How can we make our living room look bigger?

Here are some tips to make your living room look wider and larger: only a few tricks will be enough to completely change the look of an interior.

09 November 2017 303 0

We all wish we had more space in our homes, most of all in the living room. The most used and crowded spot in the house needs to be arranged carefully, keeping in mind some tips to make it look more spacious and eye pleasing for those who spend time in it. You may be surprised how the position of the furniture is far from being the only factor.

Flooring is a very important element to make your interiors look harmonious and coherent. For your living room, choose wide squared tiles in a relaxing tint, such as beige or light grey: it will make you look at the space with a different perspective. If you have an open-plan living room, choose the same floor covering for the space next to it: it will give continuity between the two rooms and make them interact more.

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Carpets are a precious tool to change your perception of the space in a room. Prefer big rugs over many smaller ones, and place it carefully in a central zone of the room. a stylish carpet will not only allow you to add a touch of your personality to the room, but also to separate and define different spaces without needing to place a wall or a piece of furniture between them.

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Light design is another important feature to help you make your living room look bigger. If you don’t have a high ceiling, avoid big elaborate illimitation pieced. Simplicity will be your best friends, and contemporary design will provide you with original and interesting lighting solutions that will look charming and elegant without occupying too much space.

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The thing that will virtually enlarge the most the dimensions of your living room is a big glass window. Full wall windows with minimalistic frames would be ideal: the light will illuminate the space all day, creating a beautiful atmosphere. If you use only one of your living room walls for a tall window, it will make the ceiling look mush higher.

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