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Furniture from Italy and Portugal, what’s your favorite style?

Furniture from Italy and Portugal, what’s your favorite style?

Italy is the country with the greatest furniture and design tradition, but it is certainly not the only one. Portugal is one the countries that are now finding their spot in the high-end furniture world. Let’s take a look at some designs by four brands from these two countries.

Do you prefer tradition or look for innovation? Do you trust what you have always known or desire to try what is new to discover? When it comes to furniture design, it is undeniable that certain countries have an ancient tradition of excellence and beauty: first of them all, Italy. Nonetheless, it is also true that there are new countries emerging in the design world, and Portugal is one of the most prominent.

Being new doesn’t necessarily mean being inexperienced: the companies that started in the recent decades still treasure the tradition that proceeded them, but have a fresher eye for trends and tendencies. Gual is a dynamic furniture company born in Portugal at the beginning of the 21st century, that aims to satisfy the public’s needs by innovating styles and techniques.

Gual’s main focus is the people: the designers start all of their project asking themselves what are the needs of the customers, and try to find original and stylish way to fulfill them. Passion, dedication and craftsmanship skills shaped what started as a small business into a successful company that exports its products worldwide. 

Look at more design pieces by Gual here.

Portugal is new to be renowned for its design, but the tradition of furniture crafting goes way back in time. Cancio is a Portuguese company that treasured the great woodworking tradition of the area and combined it with modern design and contemporary taste. This brand started its business in the mid Fifties, and slowly grew to earn the trust of customers and developed a unique taste in style.

Specialized in wooden furniture, Ciancio chooses the best raw materials for its furniture, guaranteeing a high quality product to its customers. Their creations have a minimalistic and sophisticated taste, bringing elegance and originality together in the same design.

Check out more wooden furniture by Cancio here.

And now, to the country with the greatest tradition in design: Italy. This ancient place of art and culture is not only the birthplace of the greatest classical furniture design, but was also the crib of the most elegant modern and contemporary design styles. Former is one of the most renowned brands, whose beautiful creations furnish hundreds of homes with class and style since 1967.

The craftsmanship experience of the Fumagalli family, combined with the will to innovate with new technologies and materials, creates astonishing modular furniture with a modern style and a timeless elegance touch. 

Find out more about Former here.

Midj is an Italian brand founded in the Eighties, that mirrors the enthusiasm and the innovation spirit of that decade. The goal of this company, in fact, was to make furniture that could embody a way of living, a lifestyle, simply through interior design.

In order to reach that goal, Midj collected the great tradition of its country and transformed it into something personal and unique, that no other brand could create. Design pieces with a strong personality, made with passion for quality and technology, are the piece of resistance for this fine Italian brand.

Take a look at more furniture by Midj here.

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