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Top 5 modern kitchens: the most popular Italian brands

Top 5 modern kitchens: the most popular Italian brands

Which are the most popular Italian brands for modern kitchen furniture and design? Let’s take a look at the placements.

Number 1: Arrital.

Arrital is a renowned Italian brand which made it to the top of the Olympus of furniture designers. Specialized in modern style, set its main focus on quality and functionality. The great passion of this company for its work shines through their designs of astonishing elegance, of sober beauty and simple charm. Even though staying coherent on the contemporary style, Arrital’s creations are designed with a taste that will never get old. Over the past 35 years, this Italian brand has been able to gain the customers’ trust and furnish their kitchens with performing, functional and elegant kitchen furniture.

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Number 2: Valcucine.

Valcucine was born in the same years as Arrital did, and the two companies share the top positions of out chart. The main focus of this high end brand is one and one only: the customer, the final user. Every design, every innovation, every change and enhancement is made to provide the clients with a high quality product and a functional kitchen. Valcucine’s designs will last in time not only for their resistance and solidity, but also for their timeless beauty.

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Number 3: Gicinque.

The third place goes to a company a company founded in 1876: Gicinque. This brand has an astonishingly vast products production, thanks to its smart organization and new technologies used. The Zaccariotto family transferred its values in the company: hard work is essential to make good products, passion is fundamental to succeed and grow. Thanks to this business philosophy and to the fine taste in design, Gicinque is today one the most renowned kitchen furniture companies all over the world.

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Number 4: Schiffini.

Now we get off the podium, but even though these brands didn’t make it to the top three, their products are still among the best for style and quality. Schiffini is a renowned company that keeps the name of Italian design high all over the world. Started the official Italian Navy nautical fitting supplies in the Twenties, Schiffini maintained high standards until present days. The continue research for innovations and new materials, combined with the passion for kitchen design make this Italian company well deserved to be in the top 5 brands for popularity.

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Number 5: Scic.

Last, but most definitely not least, comes the brand Scic, 5th in our chart. A design style that have fascinated customers for over sixty years, a craftsmanship ability gained with hard work and experience: these are the main features of Scic. Renzo Fornari, founder of the company, together with the graphic designer Franco Maria Ricci, transferred their avant-garde spirit and their enthusiasm for innovations that never expired, even in today’s employees. 

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