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Mazzali: your children’s kingdom

Mazzali: your children’s kingdom

A man’s castle is his home, a kid’s kingdom is his room.

Mazzali is a fine Italian children furniture brand that works to make every kid’s dream come true. This company wants to be by your side when your son makes his first steps, when he says the first work, when your daughter will pack her bag for her first day of school: Mazzali will be there with you, with its high end furniture.

Treasuring the design tradition and history , but always heading towards the future, Mazzali exports all over the world the Made In Italy values and philosophy. Mazzali’s designers create functional solution for nowadays kids, trying to fulfill their new needs and desires.

The parents will appreciate the attention to details that Mazzali puts in all of its creations, as long as the high quality of the materials and the safety standards; little boys and girls will fall in love with the bright colors and the appealing lines of this brand’s designs. They will enjoy their bedrooms in the best way, playing, learning and having fun in them. 


Wood is the main raw material used in Mazzali’s kids bedrooms, and not just any wood. The great experience this company’s artisans have come from years of hard work, knowledge of the types of woods, the best way to treat them to obtain the best quality possible. Not only the materials are carefully selected, but they are chosen and manufactured in the respect of the environment: mazzali is a 100% eco friendly company. 


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