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Luxury sofas to help you build a stylish living room

Tips for choosing luxury and modern stylish sofas .

15 November 2017 1032 0

Among luxury European furniture, sofas with simple styles have gained more popularity. They are elegant and have a diverse collection for your choice. Italian furniture holds a leading role in the field, among which Italian fabric sofas are fashionable. Proper sofas are essential to make a stylish living room. Today, we would like to introduce several modern style fabric sofas of European luxury furniture brands.

BM Style

The founder of BM STYLE, Mauro Barnini, is the descendant of Toscana Royal family, which was the landowner of Toscana in the 18 century. In the 1960s, he decided to embark on an exciting path, being a manufacturer of decorative furniture.

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Pellini is situated in the center of Brianza. It is growing fast and becoming world famous by its combination of individual expertise and the corporate design methods. OPERA CONTEMPORARY draws power from traditional values, focusing on high-quality products for our customers, which are representative of Italian products: materials and handicraft of Italy. Our products emphasize both functionality and elegance, bringing luxury and style to your space. Years of international cooperation make us better at customer service, project management and contract management.

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Zanaboni launched a series of products covering the living room, bedroom and accessories. Each product is a piece of art with elegance, luxury and delicacy. It is the brainchild of handicraft times, the combination of techniques and arts, and the masterpiece of BRIANZA non-material cultural heritage. It needs years of serious work to finish a product with a soul like this.

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