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Cassina: the first avant-garde furniture for domestic organisation

A leading company in the production of the modern, fashionable and unique furniture

31 January 2017 161 0

In the seventeenth century, Cassina began with manufacturing of the wooden furniture for churches. A flawless craftsmanship and focus upon details made this brand win respect and trust of the people of those times. Even now, people praise Cassina furniture articles at the beautiful church situated on the bank of the Como Lake.


In the field of Italian furniture design, Cassina from the beginning to present has always been in the avanguard of a movement. Moreover, it took a primary part in the booming period of production and designing of Italian furniture with its center in Milan. A constellation of outstanding world-famed architects and designers including Vico Magistretti, Mario Bellini, Andrea Branzi, Piero Lissoni and Philippe Starck joined the ranks of Cassina. Starting from those times a great part of the genuine masterpieces of the modern Italian furniture takes its origin, and now it is presented in The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.


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The furniture articles produced by Cassina embrace different languages and cultures. The brand shows much boldness in the use of styles and materials and never stops carrying out experiments. A great part of Cassina's products at the beginning of their entering into a market was too much vanguarded that caused many doubts among the business community. However, the time passed and eventually these products were accepted by people, and, moreover they became the classical models that blended into an integral whole with other products. That circumstance in its full measure displayed the company's daring and foresightedness for the presented models.


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