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Creating memories and sharing family moments in an Aster kitchen

Creating memories and sharing family moments in an Aster kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home: it is the place where a family meets, shares meals and memories, interacting and enjoying the time together. For Aster Cusine, the very idea of design is based on these family values, on the great importance of joining together in a beautiful and welcoming space.

Aster’s elegant and innovative designs bring a whole new way of thinking and organizing the kitchen space. The simplicity of the this brand’s philosophy does not mean that the design of their product is naive. Aster aims to create kitchen furniture with the highest quality materials, designing every item keeping in mind both style and functionality.

In the great tradition of European furniture manufacturing, Aster will provide you with high quality products, that will meet your needs and tastes in the bset way. Since Aster Cucine aims to get to the heart of every home, the designers developed many collections to encounter every customer’s taste. For those who like a classic home decor, Aster Cucine created a line with that will please them with natural woods and old fashioned shapes.Young families who may prefer a modern style, will find kitchen with contemporary pieces, bright colors and neat lines. The design might be different, but the quality and the attention to details stay unvaried.

Aster’s main features are design innovation, unusual materials, and advanced technology. Since it was established in 1983 in Pesaro, the company became renowned in Italy and Europe. Today Aster is a young and dynamic company, that has never disappointed its expectations.

The reasons for Aster’s success are simple, yet fundamental: their work comes from passion, their designs are created to tell a story of beauty and functionality. A kitchen by Aster will resist to the passing of time for its quality, its materials, and its timeless charming design. 

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