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Luxury furniture Made in Italy: beauty, elegance and tradition

Luxury furniture Made in Italy: beauty, elegance and tradition

Italy has been the crib of the finest arts and designs for centuries, spreading the ideals of beauty and elegance all over the world. The astonishing tradition of this country has been treasured by some fine furniture manufacturers, who creates handcraft pieces that transfer that tradition into wonderful home décor elements.

Let’s imagine to be furnishing the perfect home for a classic design lover. Be prepared to find out the finest brands and the most beautiful furniture pieces, get inspired by these luxury home design and picture this regal décor for your home.

The living room is the heart of a house: it is the place where you gather with your family, where you spend time with your friends and beloved ones. That is why every detail has to be carefully selected. Socci, a company that has been around for over fifty years, is specialized in high end classic furniture. Woods, fabrics, leathers and all the materials are selected by the skilled Socci artisans, to create elegant furniture whose beauty will never get old.

Look at more exclusive design by Socci here.

If the living room is where we spend our leisure time, the dining room is where we gather for celebrating special occasions with merry family meals. You will need a large dining table to accommodate all your guests, and stylish chairs that can be as comfortable as beautiful. A. R. Arredamenti manufactured luxury wooden furniture since 1967, with the strong passions that only true artists can have.

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A home is not only meant for relax and leisure time, we also need a place to work, study, and focus on self development. A studio needs to be furnished with a roomy desk, a comfortable chair and many libraries and shelves to store all of our books and papers. Agostini Mobili is a brand that brings the great artistic tradition of Tuscany and the Renaissance into luxury home décor goods. Studio furniture by Agostini Mobili shows all the skills of its artisans, experienced in selecting the best type of wood and in manufacturing it into elegant creations.

Find out more about Agostini Mobili here.

And now, to the most private room of the house: the bedroom. This must be an oasis of calm and relax, a shelter from the rest of the world. Bacci Stile will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom, with sophisticated handmade wooden furniture. the luxury home décor pieces by Bacci will make your bedroom regal, elegant and comfortable.

Take a look at more fine wooden décor pieces by Bacci Stile here.

Every bedroom also needs a personal touch, a piece of furniture that can distinguish it from the rest of the home décors. For example, a dressing table might be a nice supplement to the room. Sit in front of the mirror and put on your make up with a dressing table by Ameli Sedie, one of the most renowned Italian companies for classic high end furniture. 

Find out more about Ameli's elegant classic furniture here.

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