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When wood meets modern design

When wood meets modern design

Wood is a material that is more commonly associated with classic furniture, but what happens when modern designers use it to create their innovative pieces?

Due is one of the most original and interesting brands of the contemporary furniture field. This dynamic company based in Poland manufactures unique furniture pieces with wood obtained from wine barrels. Barrels are made with the finest types of oak wood: solid and resistant.

This eco-friendly brand doesn’t have anything to envy to traditional companies: their designs are stylish, modern and appealing, their products are high quality and time-lasting. Due’s design has a strong personality: minimalism encounters geometrical shapes, neat lines and a unique taste.

Look at more eco-friendly furniture by Due here.

Dale Italia is a company that focuses on customizable furniture, since its main goal is to offer the clients a personalized tailor made service. This brand transfers the renowned Italian elegance into contemporary wooden furniture that expresses creativity and innovation.

Wooden cabinets, libraries, seats and tables by Dale combine a retro vibe with a modern taste, creating a style that is unique and elegant. Wood is mixed with metal, glass and a variety of materials, to offer customers a wide range of possibilities to customize their ideal furniture.

Check out more wooden furniture by Dale Italia here.

A company whose aim is to create a full experience of beauty, art and comfort is Cipriani Homood. This brand creates designs that wish to be timeless: Cipriani desires to offer clients beautiful furniture that will never look dated, but always stylish and charming.

Cipriani Homood uses wood in innovative ways, manufacturing objects that don’t normally feature this material. This chandelier is a beautiful example of their original use of wood: this elegant illumination design looks astonishing in its simplicity.

Find out more more about Cipriani Homood here.

There are brands whose design strongly reflect the style and personality of their designers: it is the case of Roberto Malerba and the company which brings his name. since 1946, Malerba has been working hard to gain the markets’ trust, aiming to proceed trends and tendencies, more than to follow them.

Malerba’s artisans have treasured the sixty years’ experience in crafting furniture, and apply their skills and knowledge to create sophisticated wooden furniture that would enhance any home décor. 

Take a look at more exclusive designs by Malerba here.

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