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The familiar warmth of a fire, the style of a modern design: Focus fireplaces

The familiar warmth of a fire, the style of a modern design: Focus fireplaces

Fire goes back to the ancestral notion of what makes a home. Focus is a brand that forges the designs of its products with the passion as burning as fire.

Dominique Imbert is the founder and designer of the Focus brand. He wasn’t born a designer: he was a historian, a cook, an ethnologist, he never studied at art schools, he had no mentors. Imbert was driven by one thing and one thing only: passion, the will to create something that could last in time, to give birth to designs that could be considered works of art.


A fireplace by Focus will never be trivial, will never look like designs that you have already seen: uniqueness is a must. These pieces of astonishing beauty will look like sculptures, that catch all the attention in your home décor.


Every Focus fireplace expresses the philosophy and values of this brand. To mention of them, the Agora fireplace is named after the ancient city squares of the Greeks: a place where the finest minds of that world gathered to discuss art, philosophy and politics. Imber’s design aims to sum up those concepts in the sinuous lines and the peculiar shapes of his creations.


Fireplaces by Focus are meant to interact with the surrounding environment in a whole new way, that has never been seen before. Some models are suspended, the fire seems to float on the ground in its time capsule. Other fires look like they are burning in a crack on your wall, for an incredibly fascinating effect. Your interiors will be incredibly enhanced by Focus design fireplaces.


Take a look at more exclusive fireplace designs by Focus here.

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